God Powers

Shape Land – This power directs the creation, modification, or erosion of mountains, hills, lakes, streams, rivers, forests, jungles, deserts, grasslands, tundra, steppes, and other land forms. On the game map, this power allows the creation of land forms within a 1 inch diameter area. Roughly. Using this power repeatedly can create whole ranges of mountains, inland seas, or vast wastelands. Use your imagination, and don’t forget a few waterfalls. You don’t need to take up the whole area if you have a fun idea.

Shape Climate – This power directs weather patterns that are frequent in a rough 1” area, like fog, rain, snow, sun, heat, cold, sleet. You may wish to create snowy steppes, or hot jungle upon your forests.

Create Race – This power effects the creation of one of the traditional races for player characters in your game system, or other classic fantasy races. Races and civilizations are often interchangeable. You may, for example, have more than one race of dwarves, each with its own unique civilization and government. Consider not only humans, elves, dwarves, orcs and trolls, but also dragons, halflings, or even leprechauns. At the discretion of the game master or would-be author, non-traditional races may cost double. players may pool points to create any race. Each race must be given a starting point in the world where they begin to build their civilization, (or lack thereof.) Races start either neutral, or aligned 1 good or -1 evil. See Purify and Corrupt.

Create Subrace – This power is used for the creation of splinter groups from an existing race. These must arise in territory roughly adjacent to their ancestors, and may or may not start out getting along with their neighbors. Dark elves, deep dwarves, human pirates and the like are the subject of this power.

Command Race – By this power, the priests of the gods influence a race to action. Cities are founded with this power, but it can be used for just about anything. An immortal must first establish his presence by creating sects within the race before influencing them via create order. The creator(s) of the race gets this sect automatically. This power may be used for starting wars, founding cities, making alliances, settling territory, etc. Of course, you’ll need an army to go to war…

Command City – Here, the god directs one single city to create something. This can be a wonder, wall, school, tower, or the like. Armies too are created with this power, though any given city may only produce one army in a given turn.

Advance City / Civilization – This power causes the City or Civilization to gain expert knowledge of a given science or magic. These might include war magic, healing, warfare, steel, weapon smithing, sailboats, writing, literacy, engineering, architecture, farming, or the like. So long as that city or civilization persists, it will always be the greatest in this field.

Purify / Corrupt – Here, gods go about changing general alignment of a civilization, city, or a one inch region of landscape by one step per turn. Unless the game master or author directs otherwise, there is no limit to how far this can go.

Event – Through this power come the changing of fortunes for an Avatar, Order, City, or Civilization. A gold mine may be found, a storm at sea may strike a fleet, an Avatar may escape death, plague, famine, drought may strike, or technologies may be lost. These are the great, unplanned winds of fortune that blow through the history of the world.

Create Order – By this power, the god creates an order of people within a civilization or race. These may include thieves’ guilds, religious sects (see command race,) orders of knights, bands of brigands, pirate ships, etc. These orders may last indefinitely or be created for a particular purpose, such as the extermination a sect or opposing race. It is vital to keep track of who created a given order, as the cost to command them can vary.

Command Order – Through this power, the god makes an order do something. For religious orders or sects, add +10 points if a non-creating player commands them. For other orders, add +5 points to the cost if a noncreating player commands them.

Create Avatar – Through this power, the god creates a major figure within the history of the world. These may be high priests, dragons, warriors, dynasties, or the like. If slain or wiped out, they may be resurrected or reestablished by the creating player for 5 points.

Command Avatar – An avatar can perform ONE of the following immortal or Many Mortal actions (such as leading an army) in a turn when commanded. Immortal actions which an avatar can perform include: Command City, Create Order, Command Order, Create City, Corrupt/Purify City, Create Race (ONCE) , gather an army. Through the use of an avatar, players may for example raise two armies in a turn from the same city, or execute two commands upon a race.

Catastrophe – By this power, the gods express their wrath. From fiery mountains to the destruction of avatars, the loss of great advancements to the destruction of city walls, this power brings ruin upon them all by whatever clever mechanism the player can imagine. (How will you feel when your avatar drowns in a lake of acid?)

God Powers

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