Le travail des dieux

Each player must keep track of his or her own level of power. For the most part this is a pretty easy task. Each round, all of the players roll two six-sided dice and add the sum to their running total power level. Every turn, players may spend these points according to the table below, or they may save them. Saving points is not always a good plan, however. This is where the power level gets complicated.

Players who end any turn with five or fewer points gain a cumulative +1 point for the next round, up to a maximum of +3. Thus, if Bob ended his turn with 4 points, he would gain whatever he rolled on two six sided dice next turn, +1. If he ended his next turn with 4 points, he would get +2 the following round. A player cannot gain more than 3 extra points per round this way. Over the course of creating a world, this can give a player many more points than his friends who stockpile their power.

Example: During a round in the second age, Bob has 4 points. He gets +1 point this round for having a low total, and rolls two six sided dice for the rest. He gets a 9. His total power is now 14 points. Bob looks at the action chart and decides to spend ten of his points on “Catastrophe” and sends a plague through one of the great elven cities which another player recently founded. The city is now ripe for invasion.

The different powers a player may exercise are set forth in the table below. Each power is described afterwards. Remember, many powers can be used on your own creations, or those of another player however you like. Also you are only limited in the number of actions you take each turn by the power you have. If you have saved up 50 points and want to burn them all raising armies, do it. You are gods, after all.

Power 1st Age – Land 2nd Age – Races 3rd Age – Relation
Shape Land, 1” 3 5 8
Shape Climate, 1” 2 4 6
Create Race 22 6 15
Create Subrace 12 4 10
Command Race* 8 4 3
Command City* 6 4 2
Advance Civilization 10 5 6
Advance City 8 4 5
Purify Civ. +1 Align * 5 3 4
Corrupt Civ. -1 Align * 4 3 3
Purify City, +1 Align * 4 3 3
Corrupt City, -1 Align * 3 2 2
Event 10 7 9
Create Order 8 6 4
Command Order 4 3 2
Create Avatar 10 7 8
Command Avatar 2 1 1
Catastrophe, 1” 10 10 10

-> * Only once per target per turn.

-> ** Player must have either an Avatar, or order(sect) present where directions are given. (See below)

Le travail des dieux

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